July 2020 -- Tammuz-Av 5780,  Volume 26, Issue 7

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Vibe Israel Awarded Prestigious Grant from The Genesis Prize Foundation

Vibe Israel, a nonprofit focused on enhancing Israel’s image through positive country branding, was recently announced as a recipient of a grant from The Genesis Prize Foundation. The grant will support Vibe Israel’s Unboxing Israel initiative – the creation and cultivation of a free, online toolbox of digital resources that give organizations the content they need to tell Israel’s story in an engaging, relevant and authentic way.


 Using sophisticated messaging and effective distribution strategies to energize and inspire the next generation about Israel, Unboxing Israel offers a narrative specifically designed to resonate with a younger audience. Vibe Israel’s 501(c)3 partner in North America, Vibe Israel USA, will bring the initiative to the North American Jewish community. As part of the program, Vibe Israel and Vibe Israel USA together are recruiting and training 10,000 Israel Brand Ambassadors, who in turn will impact millions across the globe.


 “Israel has so much to offer the next generation, but until now there has been no centralized platform that offers the right tools to Israel’s brand ambassadors,” said Joanna Landau, Founder & CEO of Vibe Israel.


Becca Hurowitz, CEO of Vibe Israel USA, added, “Jewish organizations in North America want young people to know all that Israel has to offer and don’t always know the best ways to share Israel’s story. Unboxing Israel pulls together everything Israel professionals need in one place and complements those resources with customized training.”


The toolbox includes resources such as inspirational videos, stunning photos, curated Israel recommendations and engaging articles. Vibe Israel is offering a series of free webinars to introduce the different tools and give expert tips on great ways to tell Israel’s story to the next generation.


The Genesis Prize Foundation awarded this grant as part of Speak Out for Israel, a global campaign that aims to combat anti-Semitism, promote a true narrative of Israel and counteract efforts to delegitimize the Jewish state. The Foundation awarded 26 grants in total, all of which are funded by 2019 Genesis Prize Laureate Robert Kraft’s $1 million award in partnership with the Genesis Prize Foundation and Concert-Together for Israel Ltd.


“We are proud to be among many pro-Israel organizations highlighting democracy, tolerance, science, technology and culture of Israel around the world,” said Landau. “Connecting the next generation with Israel is critical for the future of Jewish peoplehood, and Unboxing Israel will help everyone to create that connection.”


Vibe Israel is a nonprofit organization working to enhance Israel’s global reputation through influencer tours, online campaigns, digital projects, events and more. Since 2011, Vibe Israel has used country branding to dramatically transform global perceptions of Israel. In 2020, The Vibe Israel Academy launched, training Israel brand ambassadors from Israel’s public and private sectors as well as from Jewish communities around the world. To learn more, visit https://www.vibeisrael.com.


The annual Genesis Prize honors extraordinary individuals for their outstanding professional achievement, contribution to humanity, and commitment to Jewish values. Launched in 2013, the Prize is financed through a permanent endowment of $100 million established by The Genesis Prize Foundation.


 In addition to 2019 Laureate Robert Kraft, Genesis Prize laureates are Michael Bloomberg (2014), Michael Douglas (2015), Itzhak Perlman (2016), Sir Anish Kapoor (2017), Natalie Portman (2018), and Natan Sharansky (2020). In 2018, the Genesis Prize Foundation honored U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with its inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award.