October 2019 -- Tishri-Cheshvan 5780,  Volume 25, Issue 10

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AJWS Campaigns for a Just and Hate Free World

As the High Holiday season begins, The American Jewish World Service {AJWS} is asking people to renew their Jewish commitment to building a more just and hate-free world for everyone. AJWS is the leading Jewish organization working to fight poverty and pursue justice in the developing world. Through philanthropy and advocacy, they respond to the pressing issues of the times including disasters, genocide and hunger, to the persecution of women and minorities worldwide.

Inspired by the Jewish commitment to justice, AJWS works to realize human rights and end poverty in the developing world.


The AJWS has started an online campaign with four easy steps: Print their sign at ajws.org; Write your own message in the blank; Snap a photo or film a short video with your sign; and post on social media with the hashtag #NewYearNewWorld and tag AJWS!


Robert Bank, President and CEO of AJWS, questioned,”I’m asking myself: What can I do to help fix our terribly broken world? How can I ensure a safer, more equitable future and a cleaner planet? How can I shift the toxic rhetoric of hate, prejudice and racism toward a global dialogue about understanding and love for the stranger?


“This New Year, more than ever, I’m so grateful for the AJWS community and the way we work together to repair the world. Driven by our shared history and values, we stand in solidarity with each other and all those facing persecution,” notes Bank.

“That’s certainly something worth fighting for!”


AJWS was founded in 1985 by American Jews who wanted to join together as global citizens to help some of the poorest and oppressed people around the globe. They now invest over 30 million a year to promote global human rights. In 2018, AJWS supported 453 grassroots organizations in 19 countries, enabling them to continue and expand their work to build a more just and dignified world.