July 2019 -- Sivan-Tammuz 5779,  Volume 25, Issue 7

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You don’t need to be Irish to feel lucky this St. Patrick’s Day! From March 1 until St. Patrick’s Day (Sunday, March 17), all seven Ben’s Kosher Delicatessen Restaurant & Caterers locations will be participating in the company’s annual March corned beef celebration. It’s no secret that Ben’s proprietary corned beef curing process sets the company apart from other restaurants and delis.


“Unlike many other restaurants, we use only fresh, Kosher USDA choice briskets,” Ben’s Founder/Owner Ronnie Dragoon says. “We pickle the briskets in each store using an exclusive Ben’s pickling blend and an old-fashioned two-week curing process.” Once curing is complete, Ben’s highly skilled chefs cook the corned beef daily as needed, ensuring a fresh and delicious experience for Ben’s guests.


Initially chosen as a more affordable substitute for bacon, corned beef and cabbage became a tradition among Irish-American immigrants. Its connection to St. Patrick’s Day is the result of Irish-Americans having commonly served the meal during various family and holiday celebrations. Interestingly, what Americans today know as traditional corned beef actually originates from Jewish culture, as Irish immigrants once primarily purchased their meat from Kosher butchers.


It is that traditional eastern European style that Ben’s aims to emulate in its cooking process. “Yes, we cure our own corned beef,” Mr. Dragoon says, “but, don’t forget: our chicken soup cures everything else!”


Feeling like sharing a delicious meal with your closest friends and family? Check out the Corned Beef and Cabbage Special catering for 10 people. For just $199.90, you get four pounds of corned beef, boiled cabbage, potatoes, carrots, two pounds of fresh cole slaw, a small relish tray, and two pounds of rye bread.


Ben’s also offers Dining Room Combos, which consist of traditional corned beef sandwiches with options to include soup and various side dishes. Also available are the Corned Beef, Cabbage and Potato Platter for $21.99 and the Soup, Corned Beef, Cabbage and Potato Platter for $25.99. If you are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at home this year, Ben’s has great take-out options. Purchase Ben’s Corned Beef, Cabbage and Potato Platter to go at regular price and receive a pint of homemade chicken noodle soup for free! Or, receive a portion of Ben’s fresh-cut cole slaw or homemade potato salad for free with your purchase of a regular-priced Corned Beef sandwich to go.


 Additionally, while you’re waiting on half a pound or more of Ben’s delicious store-cured Corned Beef to go, Ben’s will give you a free frankfurter to enjoy while you wait!

While Ben’s Corned Beef Celebration Specials only run during the first half of March, its tasty store-cured, freshly prepared corned beef is available all year long. In addition to sandwiches and platters, guests can enjoy fresh corned beef in salads, omelets or sliced by the pound to take home.


For more information regarding Ben’s Kosher Deli’s Corned Beef specials, visit www.bensdeli.net.


Ben’s  Corned Beef Celebration