March 2017 -- Adar-Nisan 5777,  Volume 23, Issue 3

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Karin Meyers, MA, CIP

New Board Member for the Holocaust & Human Rights Education Center

Hastings-on-Hudson resident and Bioethicist Karin Meyers MA, CIP has been named to the Board of Directors of the Holocaust & Human Rights Education Center, a not-for-profit organization serving Westchester County and beyond.


Meyers has a BA from Brandeis University and an MA from Manhattanville College. Most recently she was an Adjunct Faculty member at The Mount Sinai Medical Center.

The new Board member has been published in several academic journals, and was a co-winner of the Nellie Westerman Prize for Research in Ethics and received an Award of Appreciation from The Newark Beth Israel Medical Center. She is a member of The Mount Sinai Bioethics International Consortium and The Hastings Center, among other prestigious associations.


“Karin brings a breadth of knowledge and experience to the Board. We’re thrilled to have her join us,” said Millie Jasper, Executive Director.


Meyers is active in the Holocaust & Human Rights Education Center and is a member of the GenerationsForward speakers group.


The mission of the Holocaust & Human Rights Education Center is to enhance the teaching and learning of the lessons of the Holocaust to support the right of people to be treated with dignity and respect.