Monthly Columns

The Only Constant in Life is Change

By Bernard A. Krooks, Certified Elder Law Attorney



 We all know that things can, and do, change; even (or perhaps, especially) when it comes to estate planning.  That’s why it makes sense to review your estate plan every couple of years or, more often, if there is a life-changing event such as the birth of a child or grandchild, change in a relationship with someone mentioned in your will, or a change in financial circumstances for you, among many other reasons. 

No Hate In Our States: Celebrating the Diversity of our Communities

By Myra Clark-Siegel, Director, AJC Westchester/Fairfield


The July 4 shooting attack in Highland Park hit each of us deeply and viscerally. It was horrifically another in a long list of hateful, murderous attacks, including Buffalo, NY and Uvalde, TX that instantly shattered multiple lives, families, and communities. May the memories of each victim be an eternal blessing and may the wounded have a full and speedy recovery. 

The Secret to Healing after Grief

By Miriam Arond


Sherry Birnbaum, Assistant Executive Director of Jewish Programs at Westchester Jewish Community Services (WJCS), will be retiring on July 1st after 39 years of working at the agency. Gillian Rittmaster, LCSW, Director of WJCS Health and Healing Services, has been appointed to the position.