June 2020 -- Sivan-Tammuz 5780,  Volume 26, Issue 6

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County Executive George Latimer Commits  to Take Action

On June 1, County Executive George Latimer commented, “In Westchester County, in our home, we are committed as a county government to take action that is within our authority and within our jurisdiction. I am empaneling today a working group comprised of County and local police professionals, individuals who serve in our Human Rights Commission, on our police board, members of the African-American clergy, justice activists, to review in detail all of the procedures and policies that are used by the County at our County Police Academy to train new police recruits and to provide in-service training for those that are already working in law enforcement, and to establish changes and reforms that are needed to make sure that every police officer, new or old, understands how we avoid and place implicit racism or any bias behavior in the conduct of their duties.


“Across Westchester on Sunday, May 31, in New Rochelle, in Hastings, in Peekskill, in Ardsley, men and women marched and rallied and met to protest to call for new policies. They met in peace. Within the bounds of civil discourse in a free democracy. They conducted themselves with honor. And the police who worked alongside of them did so as well with honor. I’m proud of that Westchester.”