November 2020 -- Cheshvan-Kislev 5781,  Volume 26, Issue 11

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Mimi Rocah

With Overwhelming Win, Mimi Rocah Will Be County’s Next District Attorney

 After high turnout across Westchester County, Mimi Rocah emerged as the winner in the general election to become Westchester County’s next District Attorney. After her decisive primary victory in June, unofficial results for in-person election day and early voting show Rocah solidified her win with 64% of the votes. Upwards of 100,000 absentee ballots were yet to be counted on November 4.


“I am honored to be Westchester’s District Attorney-Elect, and I look forward to serving every community of Westchester with respect, integrity, and a commitment to justice for all,” said Rocah, the former federal prosecutor whose 16½ years with the Southern District of New York included serving as Chief of the Westchester division for the Department of Justice under President Obama. Before her run for District Attorney, she was Pace University School of Law’s Distinguished Fellow in Criminal Justice and a legal analyst on MSNBC.


“As we await the results of other local and federal races, it is imperative that every vote is counted. Every voice should be heard.”


“This has been a difficult year for many of us -- we have battled the coronavirus pandemic, economic recession, faced a reckoning on racial injustice, and acknowledged a loss of faith in many of our public institutions. The importance of transparent leadership at the local level that is focused on integrity and fairness has never been more clear.”


“These values have been the foundation of my campaign since we launched nearly a year ago when I pledged to ‘do the right thing, in the right way, for the right reasons.’ From conviction integrity to gun violence prevention, from support for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence to holding public officials accountable, I am ready to hit the ground running. With that in mind, I am excited to announce Zachary Carter and Leroy Frazer as Co-Chairs of my Transition Team. We will announce additional details about my Transition Team in the coming days.”


“As Westchester’s DA, I will work to keep everyone in our community safe, stand up for the rule of law, confront bigotry and hate at every level, and make sure the Westchester District Attorney’s Office works for all of the people of Westchester. Let’s get to work,” concluded Rocah.


Zachary W. Carter is the former Corporation Counsel of New York City, serving from 2014 until his retirement in August 2019. In that role, he oversaw the Law Department’s approximately 1,000 attorneys representing the City in thousands of legal matters. He is a former US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, appointed by President Clinton in 1993, and is the first African American to hold that office. His office prosecuted federal criminal cases, involving major narcotics, securities fraud, and human trafficking. During his tenure, Carter oversaw civil rights prosecutions against police officers in the Abner Louima torture case and against rioters who killed Yankel Rosenbaum during the City’s Crown Heights riots of 1991. Carter has served as a magistrate judge of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York and as a judge of the New York City Criminal Court. He has also served as chairman of the New York City Mayor’s Committee on the Judiciary.


Leroy Frazer, Jr. served as a prosecutor in New York City for 38 years. His first 33 years were under the late Robert M. Morgenthau, the former JFK-appointed US Attorney for the Southern District of NY and longtime New York County District Attorney. Morgenthau appointed Frazer to supervisory positions of Bureau Chief, Executive Assistant District Attorney for External Affairs and First Assistant District Attorney. After serving four years on District Attorney Cyrus Vance’s Executive Staff, Frazer joined the late District Attorney Kenneth P. Thompson as Chief of Staff in the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office and remained in that position under the Honorable Eric Gonzalez until his retirement in July 2018. Frazer recently founded Leroy Frazer Jr. Consulting Inc. to advise public and private entities in areas of public safety reform and strategic initiatives. He presently serves as Co-Chair of the Westchester County Police Reform and Reinvention Task Force and is a member of the African American Men of Westchester.