June 2020 -- Sivan-Tammuz 5780,  Volume 26, Issue 6

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Connecting Students with Remote Skill Based Internship Opportunities

By H. Pollack


During these unprecedented times, eager high school student volunteers are ready to help non profit organizations by providing technical support and other skilled based services. Some even are available for homework help and to  teach classes via Zoom.

These teens are part of Interns4Good.org,  a 501 c-3 non profit,  led by CEO and founder,  Ellie Zimmerman of Purchase. Going into her senior year at Rye Country Day School, she spends at least 5 hours a day on this endeavor, reaching out to her 18 member leadership team.


Zimmerman envisioned the idea for  Interns4Good, 18 months ago,  while she was hiking on a school trip. She reached out to everyone she knew to find participants for the program. Then, last summer she received a grant from Google, applied for non profit status and searched for companies that would need teens for online internships.

"When our program was created, I got a bunch of internships lined up and wanted to assure the credibility. I rely on my leadership team, kids from all over the country. There's no overlap in territory and they reach out to their own communities. That's what makes the leadership team so cool," she explains.


"I have weekly meetings with the leadership team. They are all so hard working and help me. Through our site, we have signed up about one thousand students. Some tutor students in  K-12 grades and others are working for non profits as volunteers in internship programs. In addition, there are other volunteers that help parents with technology," she says.


"We created Interns4Good to connect high school students with virtual, skill based internship opportunities at non profit organizations that allow them to develop their professional skills while also giving back to worthy causes," states their mission.

Interns4Good is committed to empower students and teachers,  especially now during Covid 19. The organization is always looking to sign up more teens so they can gain real life experiences while building their teaching and communication skills and bolstering their resume.


Zimmerman also   gives her time and manages Instagram and Facebook accounts for several non profits. She is slated to have a Fellowship this summer with Volunteer NY through Rye Country Day School.


"Our volunteers are ready, willing, and able to help non profits, " she mentions. " We receive around 30-40 new intern applications a day. Interns 4-Good is also planning on offering a virtual summer camp that can add structure to lower and middle schoolers’ days. The 'camp' would enrich the  students learning through our interactive lesson plans while also keeping the students entertained and active in physical activities.


"I get a lot of satisfaction from seeing the impact my organization has on people's lives," Zimmerman concludes. "Helping non profits means so much to me."

To learn more, visit Interns4Good.org