October 2018 -- Tishrei-Cheshvan 5779,  Volume 24, Issue 10

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Beth El to Present Israeli Art Festival

A piece, or pieces to be exact, of Israel will be coming to New Rochelle this November as Beth El Synagogue Center welcomes its first ever Israeli Art Festival and Sale. The event, which will take place from November 8 until  13, will showcase artwork from the Safrai Art Gallery in Jerusalem, a renowned gallery just steps away from the King David Hotel. Highlights from the festival will include two evenings of music, drinks, and live music.


“We are very excited to display many works of late and great Israeli artists,” said Dorothy Fox, chair of the Festival committee. “In an effort to strengthen our Jewish commitment in support of Israel and Israeli artists and to draw our local Jewish community together, we are pleased to share this exciting happening.”


The Festival will begin on November 8 with a private sponsor preview. The following night will be the first of two large-scale events dubbed the “First Public Viewing.”  This event will start at 6:15 p.m. and feature music, food, and give patrons the opportunity to have their first choice to select art. The second fundraiser will be “Beth El’s Speakeasy: Art, Drinks, & Live Jazz” on November 11 at 7:30 p.m. There will be additional sale hours in-between those dates on November 10 and 12.


Gallery owner Menachem Safrai of Israel who will be present at the event, said there is a large assortment of artwork that will be available – ranging in all sizes and prices. “Eighty percent of the artwork can be purchased framed in a price range of up to $500. Many are priced at $175 and $275,” he explained. He noted there will also be more expensive pieces of art in the $2000+ range.


 Along with the planned events, Safrai will be on hand to give patrons a tour through the show, “linking it with the development of Israeli art over the past 100 years.”

All events are free to the public. Sponsorships are available and come with special benefits.


For more information, contact marketing@bethelnr.org. Beth El Synagogue Center is located at 1324 North Avenue, New Rochelle. Visit bethelnr.org/art for more details.