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The Afya Foundation has launched a significant humanitarian relief effort to help medical professionals and aid workers in Greece and the Middle East provide care to the thousands of refugees who continue to come from Syria. Afya has collected and is shipping much-needed medical supplies, hospital equipment and humanitarian provisions to Lesvos, Greece and to the Middle East throughout February and March, with plans for additional shipments in 2017.


“We founded Afya because we could no longer be bystanders when we knew that getting needed medical supplies and support to areas in crisis was a practical – and meaningful – way to help,” said Danielle Butin, M.P.H., O.T. R., founder and executive director of the Afya Foundation.


 “The Syrian refugee crisis, especially now, is one such crisis – and as with many of these life-altering, country-changing events, we have been able to develop a coalition of community-minded professionals, businesses and individuals to get medical providers the equipment and support they need to help their people.”


Afya has shipped a total of 128,000 pounds of medical supplies and equipment valued at over $1.2 million to health care providers and sites.  With partner assistance, Afya can deliver a pallet of supplies to frontline healthcare providers for $1000. The inventory of each pallet is valued at over $20,000. One 40-foot container holds enough medical supplies to provide care to thousands of refugees.


 The Afya Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health of individuals throughout the world who suffer needlessly due to a lack of access to basic medical supplies and equipment. Afya collects surplus medical supplies, hospital equipment and humanitarian provisions from health care facilities, businesses and private donors to support both on-going and disaster-related initiatives. Since its founding in 2008, Afya has recovered and shipped more than seven million pounds of donated supplies to more than 70 countries. The organization has been recognized by the Greater New York Hospital Association, Eli Lilly, GreatNonprofits and the United Nations.


For more information on the Afya Foundation, go to www.afyafoundation.org.



The Afya Foundation Responds to the Syrian Refugee Crisis