February 2020 -- Shevat-Adar 5780,  Volume 26, Issue 2

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Jewish Campaign to Limit

Climate Change

Scientists believe that planting trees is an essential part of the effort to limit climate change. Trees are life.


A new international Jewish movement led by Eco Synagogue with the help of rabbis and activists, is an effort that started in the United Kingdom. The US initiative, JTree, is hoping to plant one million trees by the end of May. A collaborative campaign, many Jewish organizations have shared a commitment to addressing climate change including Abundance Farm, Anshe Chesed Synagogue, Aytzim, Hazon, JCAN-NY, The Jewish Theological Seminary and Shalom Institute.


JTree is a call and an invitation to every Jewish community to play its part in planting, restoring and protecting forests.  Sustainable reforesting and planting must be done with the support and for the benefit of local communities.


Partnering with the National Forest Foundation, JTree got involved with the Foundation and its tree planting, because they have a proven track record. “Planting the right trees in the right places with the support of local communities makes an immense contribution to the effort to confront climate change.”


“We Jews have experience planting trees,” Rabbi Art Green explains.  “A century ago, the Zionist movement took on the task of re-foresting the Land of Israel, which had been barren. This effort mobilized adults and children across the Jewish world.  But now we see that the planet itself is in need of such an effort.”


JTree is calling on the Jewish community to help plant trees and support forests with their partners Woodland Trust, International Tree Foundation and Seed Madagascar.

Together, across the globe, the Jewish community can make a difference.


To learn more go to nationalforests.org