June 2017 -- Sivan-Tammuz 5777,  Volume 23, Issue 6

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Rabbi Jaymee Alpert

Rabbi Jaymee Alpert Chosen for Rabbis Without Borders National Fellowship Program

Rabbis Without Borders (RWB),Clal’s landmark initiative that helps rabbis innovate using Jewish wisdom as a source for wellbeing for anyone anywhere, selected its seventh class for its competitive rabbinic fellowship program. From those who applied, Rabbi Jaymee Alpert of Congregation Kneses Tifereth Israel , Port Chester, was selected for this prestigious program.


“Interest in the program has only increased over the years,” said Rabbi Rebecca W. Sirbu, RWB Director. “Rabbis recognize that the religious environment has changed – from family make up to spiritual practice. To reach people where they are and how they are, rabbis need to apply their skills in new ways. RWB offers that kind of support. Rabbis Without Borders helps rabbis better communicate in both familiar and new venues, and makes Jewish wisdom an accessible resource for the American public to help all people flourish in their lives.”


Rabbis Without Borders is the first Rabbinic Network in America that spans denominations, geography and experience. Serving over 2 million people in the United States to date, Rabbis Without Borders is uniquely poised to serve the needs of today’s increasingly diverse American population. By envisioning a world where Jewish wisdom is a source for wellbeing for anyone anywhere, the rabbis in the RWB Network are committed to serving people wherever they may be: affiliated or not, Jewishly educated or not, with Jewish connections or none. These rabbis share their Torah in pluralistic, innovative ways grounded by a sense of service to all.


Founded in 2008, the impact of Rabbis Without Borders is being experienced across the country. By adopting a “Beyond borders” approach to their rabbinates, the rabbis report that: 96% of RWB Fellows have strengthened and increased their comfort crossing denominational and institutional boundaries; 91% of RWB Fellows have created new programs in their synagogue/organization; and 81% of RWB Fellows have seen an increase in participation in programs and use of services in their synagogue or organization.


Consciously adopting a pluralist approach and looking to serve all people anywhere, has significantly increased these rabbis’ ability to share Jewish wisdom and practices. They are no longer bound by whatever they saw as the traditional boarders of their communities, and this in turn is growing the impact of Jewish wisdom on the world.


Since 1974, when Clal was founded by Rabbi Irving Greenberg and Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel, its mission has been to help prepare the Jewish people for the unprecedented freedom and openness of America. RWB is an extension of that work. Rabbis Without Borders is transforming the rabbinate in America into a highly skilled innovative class of American religious leaders who use Judaism to help American Jews and all Americans flourish.