November 2017 -- Cheshvan-Kislev 5778,  Volume 23, Issue 11

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Amanda Klestzick Becomes First Aid Responder in Israel

Amanda Klestzick had no idea how her first day at Magen David Adom would end. Participating in MDA’s Overseas Volunteer Program, Klestzick’s shift ended in the most memorable way — with the delivery of a baby!


“Everyone expects their first day to be boring, said Klestzick.  “It was a beautiful event to witness and I will never forget it,” said the New Rochelle resident.


And delivering a baby wasn’t even her favorite moment as a MDA ma’ar (first aid responder).


“It was a week and a half into my volunteering. I had been there the longest out of the high school students, so I taught them how to check the ambulance properly and helped them with checking the vitals. I was proud that I was able to take on this role after being the follower in my previous shifts, as well as prove to myself that I was learning and really contributing,” she added. “Because it isn’t the importance of a call or the difficulty of a challenge that determines your role, rather it’s one’s approach towards every call that will create a meaningful MDA experience.”


A graduate of SAR High School in 2016, Klestzick just completed her gap year in Israel at Midreshet Lindenbaum. Having a passion for biology in high school and always interested in medicine, she plans to take pre-med courses as she now  starts  her freshman year at Barnard College.


Americans like Klestzick are making a profound difference by helping MDA save lives in Israel.  Financial support helps equip ambulances and Medicycles and provides valuable training, so MDA can rush to the scene and save lives.


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