2023 Genesis Prize Awarded to Jewish Activists Working to Uphold Ukraine’s Independence

Statement from the Trustee of The Genesis 

Prize Foundation Natan Sharansky and 

Chairman/Founder Stan Polovets


The past 11 months have been unlike any previous period in the 10-year history of the Genesis Prize. We have witnessed war, destruction, and human suffering on a scale unseen since World War II. Tens of thousands of people have lost their lives; millions abandoned their homes, jobs, schools, and families. As countries neighboring Ukraine became inundated with refugees and faced disruptions to their energy supply, the economic fallout from the war has been felt throughout the world, impacting tens of millions of lives far beyond the conflict zone.


But we have also witnessed human kindness, compassion, and activism on an unprecedented scale. Across the world, thousands of individuals and organizations were moved to action – making a moral choice to volunteer, donate money, shelter refugees, and engage in political advocacy.


Recognizing the extraordinary nature of events dominating the past 11 months, The Genesis Prize Selection Committee has decided to depart from the usual custom of awarding the Prize to a single Jewish individual. Instead, the Committee has elected to announce a collective award to Jewish activists and NGOs who were inspired by the brave citizens of Ukraine and their courageous president, Volodymyr Zelensky, and chose to act on their Jewish values by standing up for freedom, human dignity, and justice.


Resolution of The Genesis Prize Selection Committee:


The Genesis Prize Selection Committee bestows the 2023 Genesis Prize upon all Jewish activists and NGOs working to support the Ukrainian people in their quest for freedom, independence, and dignity. In doing so, the Committee calls on others – Jews and non-Jews – to get involved in the effort to aid Ukraine’s struggle for independence and help overcome the humanitarian crisis that has resulted from the war. 


Throughout 2023, The Genesis Prize Foundation will be shining a spotlight on individuals and non-governmental organizations working to support Ukraine. We will share with the global Jewish community their important contributions and encourage others to become involved. Our Foundation will also continue to make grants to NGOs dedicated to alleviating the suffering in Ukraine, as we have done since the beginning of the war.


Dr. Albert Bourla, Chairman and CEO of Pfizer, (in photo) who received the 2022 Genesis Prize for his leadership in developing the COVID-19 vaccine, said, “Jewish tradition teaches us about the sanctity of human life and the importance of repairing the world. As last year’s Laureate, I am honored to pass the torch of the Genesis Prize to such an inspiring group of Jewish activists and organizations committed to saving and improving the lives of brave Ukrainian citizens.”