ADL Regional Director Leads
Discussion on Confronting Antisemitism

ADL Regional Director Scott Richman; Susan Douglass, Member, ADL Westchester Interest Group; 

Scarsdale Synagogue Temples Tremont and Emanu-el Rabbi Jeff Brown.

By Stephen E. Lipken 


Scarsdale Synagogue Temples Tremont and Emanu-El (SSTTE), in Scarsdale, hosted an In Person/Zoom Discussion with Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Regional Director Scott Richman, “Antisemitism Now: How Can We Confront It and What Can We Do About It?” on Sunday, March 19, 2023.


An estimated 45 people attended in person, with approximately 10 on line. SSTTE Rabbi Jeffrey Brown thanked the Belkin family for funding the program and introduced Richman, interviewed by ADL Westchester Interest Group member Susan Douglass. 


“ADL was founded in 1913 in the wake of the Leo Frank case, which has gotten a lot of attention the past few weeks with the musical ‘Parade,’” Richman began “ There were protests against ADL and the musical when it opened in previews recently by White Supremacists.  With the rise of Ku Klux Klan in the 1950’s and Civil Rights Movement, ADL became a force fighting against all forms of hate, including racism against Black and LGBTQ communities.


“We are an extremely innovative organization that created Center for Technological Society to fight hate in digital spaces with Twitter and Social Media companies, encouraging them to take action.  We are a data-driven company, believing that data drives policy and intelligence part of the Jewish community, providing intelligence to law enforcement.


“Last year we provided over 2,000 tips to law enforcement, including Community Security Services (CSS) and Community Security Initiative (CSI) that deals in synagogue/cyber security.  Last year we offered 20,000 law enforcement professionals training in antisemitism and hate crimes.


“We bring law enforcement groups to the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., work with universities and Social Media.  Last year we dealt with more antisemitic incidents in the history of our organization; 2200 incidents were reported to my office.”   


Richman pointed to seven Tropes or Conspiracy Theories: 1) Jews are accused of controlling government and media; 2) Jews are greedy; 3) Loyal only to Israel; 4) Blood Libel, using blood of non-Jews for their rituals, specifically baking Matzos; 5) Deicide, Jews collectively responsible for killing Jesus, which was debunked by Second Vatican Council; 6) Holocaust Denial; 7) Anti-Israelism.


He also mentioned antisemitic radio broadcasts of Father Charles Coughlin in the 30’s, diatribes of Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh as well as discrimination joining country clubs and corporate suites.