#EndJewHatred Announces Day of Empowerment

The international grassroots civil rights  movement  #EndJewHatred will lead a day of empowerment on April 29 with the intention of calling on people to answer the question – what are you doing to #EndJewHatred. April 29th has been recognized as “#EndJewHatred Day” by elected representatives from both parties across the United States.


This year, people who support the fight against antisemitism—including celebrities, influencers, organizations, and private citizens—are joining in unity with the Jewish Community by sharing messages of support and empowerment online in a viral campaign using the hashtag #EndJewHatred. People are pledging to stand up against Jew-hatred and sharing what they are doing in the fight against bigotry and racism.


 Across the country, people will be commemorating the day in unique and personal ways. For example, the Babylonian Jewish Center’s Helping Hands Youth Partnership program will be taking 60 teens to the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau Country for a private, guided tour to understand the connection between the Holocaust and modern antisemitism. Members of the Holocaust Museum & Center for Tolerance and Education in Rockland County will be marking the day with a minute of silence in memory of all the Jews who have lost their lives in violent attacks since the last #EndJewHatred Day. Some rabbis and Christian ministers will speak about the movement and the need to unite against antisemitism at their Sabbath services that weekend.


 “The #EndJewHatred movement empowers and mobilizes communities across the country to push back against rising Jew-hatred,” said Brooke Goldstein, Co-Founder of End Jew Hatred. “As we come together on April 29th to celebrate #EndJewHatred Day, we set aside political differences and unite with singular purpose and knowledge that, just as we came together to fight racism and bigotry targeting other minority communities, we need to stand in solidarity with the Jewish community to end Jew-hatred in our lifetime.”


In the past year, the End Jew Hatred movement has been successful in galvanizing communities and their elected representatives from across the country in the fight against antisemitism. At the end of March, they worked with Rep. Esther Panitch of Georgia to bring a resolution to the House floor recognizing April 29th as #EndJewHatred Day, adding to the legislative districts that are increasingly recognizing the significance of this day for the Jewish Community.


 #EndJewHatred is an international grassroots civil rights movement that unites ordinary people, activists, and organizations from around the world who support the cause that defines the movement: to end Jew-hatred in our lifetime. It does so by altering public discourse to make Jew-hatred unacceptable in society, while empowering Jews with positivity and strength to discover and enjoy their heritage in whichever manner they choose, without fear of attack or persecution