The Library of The Jewish Theological Seminary Presents “Living Yiddish in New York”

The Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS), one of the world’s preeminent centers of Jewish higher education in NYC’s Morningside Heights, has opened its latest exhibition in the newly redone library. Open to the public until August 10, “Living Yiddish in New York” introduces visitors to rare archival materials that provide a snapshot of New York City as an important center of modern Yiddish culture. Materials on display include examples of the ways Yiddish-speaking Jews responded to the challenges of their new home, while also ensuring the continuity of Yiddish culture.  Through this collection of historic images and documents, visitors will witness the living Yiddish culture of one of the world’s greatest cities.  


Between 1880 and 1924 approximately 2 million Eastern European Jews immigrated to the US. Many of them settled in New York City. What were they reading? How were they adapting to their new home? How did they teach their children? What type of cultural experiences did they enjoy? Just some of the questions that will be explored in this comprehensive exhibit that represents an important time in history. 


The JTS library currently hosts the largest collection of Hebrew manuscripts on earth, the most complete collection of early Hebrew printed books and over 500 Jewish marriage contracts, providing evidence of Jewish art and culture from the 10th through the 20th centuries.  The new JTS library is crowned by its exhibition space, which presents special exhibits of its rare holdings year-round. 


The Jewish Theological Seminary {JTS}, 3080 Broadway, NYC, is a preeminent institution of Jewish higher education, training thoughtful, innovative leaders—rabbis, cantors, educators, lay leaders, and scholars—who strengthen the communities with a vision of Judaism that is deeply grounded in the Jewish past and thoroughly engaged with contemporary society. For more information call 212-678-8000.