More Women Invest in Matchmaking Service

Rachel Russo

Over two years into the pandemic, and the dating landscape has been transformed.


Aside from the obvious trends-including an increase in online dating use and the normalization of “video dates”- there has been a change in the matchmaking industry.


Beautiful, well-educated, working women-moms, ex-wives, and those who never married-are hiring professional matchmakers in record numbers. 

According to Rachel Russo, MS, MFT, a relationship expert with seventeen years of matchmaking and dating coaching experience, some matchmakers are finding more women than men are wanting to invest in matchmaking to find “their person”.


Russo would know. Besides running her boutique matchmaking company, Rachel Russo Relationships, she teaches a course that she co-developed with the Global Love Institute. It is an online class for entrepreneurs to start up matchmaking businesses that she’s taught weekly for half a decade. She reports that since the pandemic, more of her students are working with female clientele. She’s seen her colleagues searching for female clients in the private matchmaking industry groups she belongs to. And, for the first time, she’s personally matching an equal number of single men and women.


What does this well-respected matchmaker think of the current trend? It is music to her ears! 


Russo, who became a solo mom by choice last year, conceiving a baby girl via IVF with donor sperm, is proud to see that the future of matchmaking, is, in part, female.  She enjoys working with strong women who have the courage to be proactive in their love life–matching them with strong men who value and respect them.


“It is healthy for both men and women when women don’t conform to rigid gender roles,” says Russo. Every woman doesn’t want to sit in a matchmaker’s database and wait to be chosen. It is 2022; if she wants to, she can do the choosing.”


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