OU Kosher Rabbis Certifying New
Plants to Make Baby Formula

As supply chain issues continue to take their toll, the baby formula shortage crisis is straining families’ ability to feed their infants. The plight is even more dire for Orthodox Jewish families, who may only use kosher-certified baby formula and whose birth rates (three to eight children per family) are significantly higher than the national average (about two children per family). 


OU Kosher is addressing the pressing need of the Jewish community and beyond by marshaling its forces to certify more baby food plants, dedicating three rabbinic coordinators specializing in baby formula to find more facilities willing to undergo the organization’s strict certification process, which includes careful inspections and oversight of the baby formula-making process. Just a few weeks ago, OU Kosher rabbis certified a plant in Singapore and are now in the process of certifying two other baby formula plants – one in Spain and another in England.


Rabbi Moshe Elefant, OU Kosher’s COO and executive rabbinic coordinator, is leading the organization’s efforts to certify these plants. His team of kosher food specialists includes 60 rabbinic coordinators who travel the world certifying about 13,000 food and ingredient plants in 105 countries.