This Sukkot: Jewish Climate Action and You

Wondering what more you can do on climate? Want to help a friend who is worried about the climate but isn’t not sure what they can do? Looking for a spiritual connection to action within the Jewish tradition?


First, there is reason for hope: Relentless advocacy by citizens led to the recent passage of the nation’s most significant federal climate legislation, the Inflation Reduction Act and in August California committed to end the sale of gas-fueled cars by 2035. In New York State, several grassroots groups are building momentum to strengthen the state’s landmark Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act and to pass new state laws that will move us toward a clean energy future.


JCAN NYC is hosting This Sukkot: Jewish Climate Action and You, from 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM, at the Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan, 334 Amsterdam Avenue, NYC, to celebrate the relationship between Judaism and climate action. This is a special event, for people of all ages, to learn what the Jewish tradition has to say about protecting the planet, something the sages have much to say about. Listen to young people speak about their climate journey. Connect with others who share concern. Bring your children and participate in family-friendly activities. Check out information tables on: How to green your home, synagogue, and other spaces; Advocacy in action – get to know JCAN campaigns; Youth climate action and advocacy; Talmud study on the tractate of Sukkah, led by a Columbia University climate scientist; An introduction to JTree tree planting work; Money and climate: how personal and institutional investments can make a difference; NYC residential composting; Hands-on activity for children – planting seeds and caring for a growing plant.


For more information write or call the JCC at 646-505-4444.