Antisemitic Banner Drop Over
Bronx River Parkway Reported

In recent weeks, the Jewish community has experienced an alarming rise in antisemitism across the country. On October 27, the Westchester County Police reported in a FOIL request that they responded to the Oak Street Bridge over the Bronx River Parkway regarding people hanging a banner over the bridge. “Two white males have a flag displaying a message about Kanye West thrown over the bridge,” the Police wrote. As police watched, one man folded up the sign and left.


Upon hearing this news, Scott Richman, Regional Director of the Anti-Defamation League, New York and New Jersey, tweeted, “A disgusting copycat banner drop over a highway in Westchester by the same white supremacist group that dropped the antisemitic banner in Los Angeles last weekend. We must stand united against this hate!”


This was all in reference to The Goyim Defense League sign over the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles on October 22, which stated, “Kanye is right about the Jews.”

As always, if you or someone you know experiences an antisemitic incident or are made aware of a threat, report it at