FIDF Chairman’s Leadership
Mission Meet with President Herzog

A delegation of 47 Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) supporters from across the United States took part in a meaningful FIDF Chairman’s Leadership Mission to Israel that concluded at the end of November. The week-long trip allowed participants the exclusive opportunity to hear briefings from top Israel Defense Forces (IDF) officials, tour behind-the-scenes at IDF bases, share private conversations with Israeli President Isaac “Bougie” Herzog, and show their solidarity and appreciation for those who serve and protect Israel and, by extension, the Jewish people.


Participants hailed from 17 chapters across 12 states including FIDF National Board and Mission Chairman, Fred Gluckman, and Mission Co-Chairs, Max and Susan Reichenthal (of South Texas) and Fred and Rita Distenfeld (of New York).


The FIDF Chairman’s Leadership Mission experience provides the only opportunity to navigate life alongside IDF soldiers including  Lone Soldiers, meet Israeli officials, and explore FIDF programs that provide support for the health, welfare and education of the young men and women currently serving. The mission chairs took great pride in leading this delegation of FIDF national and local lay leaders.


The delegation visited the official residence of the president, where they met with President Herzog who shared his sentiments about the importance of national security and shared responsibilities for all Israeli citizens.


“Our national security has always been based on three pillars: The human quality of (life for) our soldiers and commanders, our belief in the justness of our cause, and the core principle of mutual responsibility, which unites all who believe in the importance and necessity of a safe and secure Jewish national homeland,” said Herzog.

 “FIDF has played, for over forty years, a key role in strengthening these three pillars. Through your educational programs and scholarships, you enable the young women and men of the IDF to realize their full potential. Through your support for the personal, financial, and spiritual needs of our soldiers, you allow them to focus on their mission of defending our Jewish and democratic state,” he added.


FIDF National Chairman Fred Gluckman expressed gratitude to President Herzog. “We are grateful, Mr. President, for your support and engagement”.