UJA Federation of NY Donates 25K for
Puerto Rico Relief Efforts

UJA-Federation is committing $25,000 to The Afya Foundation to provide medical supplies such as wound care, first aid supplies and personal hygiene kits to support those affected by Hurricane Fiona.


Afya is a trusted partner of UJA-Federation and customizes each shipment to the specified and immediate needs of healthcare providers on the ground, which is crucial in disaster zones where aid workers do not have the time to sort through surplus items.


In 2017, Afya responded to Hurricane Maria by building a coalition of nonprofits, labor unions, health care organizations, donors and foundation partners to satisfy urgent supply requests in real-time. Afya has worked with these established partners in Puerto Rico for years, building relationships which help Afya to identify critical areas where they can assist victims of Hurricane Fiona.


Working with a network of hundreds of nonprofits, UJA extends its reach from New York to Israel to nearly 70 other countries around the world, touching the lives of 4.5 million people annually. Every year, UJA-Federation provides approximately $180 million in grants. In addition, the organization has provided more than $16 million in Ukraine-related emergency funding. For more information, visit ujafedny.org.