Holocaust & Human Rights Education Center Announces New Staff

Jeanne Claire Cotnoir

Deborah Boxer Minchin

The Holocaust & Human Rights Education Center (HHREC) of White Plains, has appointed Jeanne Claire Cotnoir and Deborah Boxer Minchin as Coordinators of Student Programing. Cotnoir and Minchin will work with HHREC Co-Directors of Education Steve Goldberg and Julie Scallero on education programs, including the Human Rights Institutes for Student Leaders, Living History Project, White Rose Student Competition, and Genocide Awareness Student Competition. They will also develop outreach strategies to expand participation of area schools in the entire range of education programs offered by HHREC.  


Accomplished and highly honored education professionals, Cotnoir was formerly a social studies teacher at Briarcliff High School, and Minchin was formerly a social studies teacher at New Rochelle High School. They have also both served as adjunct lecturers at area universities.


“We’re very happy that Jean Claire Cotnoir and Deborah Minchin have joined the HHREC team as Coordinators of Student Programming.  They each bring a tremendous amount of experience and enthusiasm to these roles.”


For more information, visit HHRECNY.org