Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust Honors Founders at its 25th Anniversary Generation to Generation Benefit

(Pictured (l to r): Hayley Berson(granddaughter of Howard Rubstein z”l), Peter A. Cohen, Manfred Ohrenstein, 

Robert Morgenthau (son of Robert M. Morgenthau z”l), and George Klein – Photo Credit:  John Halpern)

The Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust marked its 25th anniversary with an annual Generation to Generation benefit that raised more than $1 million and honored founders George Klein, Robert M. Morgenthau z’’l, Manfred Ohrenstein, Peter A. Cohen, and Howard Rubenstein z”l on Tuesday, November 15, 2022. 


The annual L’dor V’dor brought together 300 friends, family, and generations of survivors to support the Museum’s timely mission to serve as a beacon for education about antisemitism and bigotry through lessons of the Holocaust.


“We are humbled to be in a room with generations of family. Tonight, we honor the Museum’s founders, but we also honor the survivors and their descendants,” said Jack Kliger, President and CEO of The Museum of Jewish Heritage. “The same way the Torah is physically passed down from grandparents, to parents, to children at b’nei mitzvahs, we must pass down these responsibilities, and wisdom, along with spiritual knowledge and cultural traditions.”


“This living memorial, this beautiful building, is one of the great buildings of our city, is a memorial to those who did not survive, and a living educational institution inspired by those who did survive,” noted Museum Board Chair Bruce Ratner. “Survivors have been the heart and the soul of everything that we do. After 25 years we are thriving.”


George Klein added, “We created not only an exhibition but a living memorial. That was the whole purpose, a living memorial is a memorial that tells a story. We have to remember, because if we don’t remember, we will repeat it again.”


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