WJCS Community Trainings and Workshops

As one of the largest human service organizations in Westchester County, Westchester Jewish Community Services (WJCS) provides 20,000 of county residents each year with programs and services to help them with mental health, trauma, senior, disability, and other children, youth, and family challenges. They also provide a variety of community trainings to educate school staff, parents, first responders, parents, youth organizations, and other public interest groups about mental health, trauma, LGBTQ+ issues, domestic violence, crisis counseling, and mindfulness. 


Below is a sample list of WJCS trainings with contact information.


SUPPORTING ADOLESCENT MENTAL HEALTH is a workshop that: educates participants about Adolescent Development and the warning signs and symptoms of mental disorders; helps participants differentiate between ‘typical’ adolescent development and emerging or existing mental illness; provides tools/strategies to enable individuals to support these youth and refer to appropriate professional help. Contact: Caitlin Leon–cleon@wjcs.com


TRAUMA 101 introduces participants to the impact of trauma on individuals and how trauma may manifest in various settings. It helps individuals be sensitive to behaviors that may be caused by trauma and for organizations to become trauma-Informed.  For school and parent trainings contact Caitlin Leon—cleon@wjcs.com. For trauma trainings for essential workers, public interest groups, community partners, and legal experts contact Liane Nelson, Ph.D.—lnelson@wjcs.com


MINDFULNESS AND SELF-CARE demonstrates the benefits of mindfulness and demystifies it. Participants learn and explore mindfulness exercises that will enable them to self-regulate and balance their lives and work. Contact Caitlin Leon—cleon@sjcs.com


YOUTH MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID ® is an evidence-based course designed for adults who regularly interact with adolescents (including teachers, school staff, coaches, youth group leaders, and parents). It educates them about the unique risk factors and warning signs of mental health problems in adolescents and teaches individuals how to help an adolescent in crisis or experiencing a mental health challenge. Contact Caitlin Leon—cleon@wjcs.com


ADULT MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID training aims at identifying and supporting adults who are experiencing mental health challenges or crises and helping them get appropriate help. Contact Caitlin Leon—cleon@wjcs.com


TEEN MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID is a peer-to-peer training program specifically designed for teens in grades 10-12. It teaches young people how to identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders among their friends. It also gives them the skills to have supportive conversations with their friends and get a responsible and trusted adult to take over as necessary. Contact Caitlin Leon—cleon@wjcs.com


WJCS Center Lane LGBTQ+ Community Education for Youth and Adults teaches students, parents, teachers, school administrators, psychotherapists—anyone who knows and works with teens—how to create a safe, welcoming and affirming community for LGBTQ+ youth. Leaders facilitate interactive workshops in which participants can ask tough questions, learn without judgement, and enhance their skills to treat LGBTQ+ youth with respect and dignity. Contact centerlane@wjcs.com 

To learn more about WJCS community trainings and workshops,  go to wjcs.com.