Israel Tennis & Education Centers Foundation (ITEC) Names Ilan Allali as New Chief Executive Officer

 The Israel Tennis & Education Centers (ITEC) recently announced that Ilan Allali has been appointed to serve as Chief Executive Officer of the U.S.-based Israel Tennis & Education Foundation.

 Allali, who is also ITEC’s Global CFO, will work closely with ITEC’s board of directors and professional staff in North America and Israel to implement innovative development strategies, strengthen the organization financially and operationally, and enhance donor engagement. He will also take the lead role in steering the organization’s plans as it communicates its mission to the world.

 Founded in 1976, Israel Tennis and Education Centers is a non-profit organization committed to empowering and supporting all the children of Israel, regardless of background, religion, ethnicity, physical ability, or socio-economic status. With 17 centers and 7 satellites in cities and towns throughout Israel, ITEC builds bridges across cultures to reach and connect with children from all communities, including those that are underserved or underrepresented. Dedicated to the principles of equality, excellence, education, and leadership, ITEC seeks to create a more peaceful, stable, and stronger Israeli society by creating new pathways for communication and understanding.

 In this far-reaching role, Ilan will lead the North American ITEC team in New York City and the global financial team in Israel, as they expand operations and recruit new employees.

Due to Ilan’s exceptional leadership and ability to manage a diverse array of projects and staff, ITEC has grown in both size and reach over the past few years, despite economic and logistical challenges presented by the global pandemic.

 “I’m excited and looking forward to taking ITECF to new heights,” Allali says. “There are many challenges, but with teamwork and passion, I am sure we can achieve greater results than ever before. My own passion comes from seeing the faces of the children we serve in Israel and knowing the huge impact the ITEC had on my life growing up in a disadvantaged area of Ashkelon. I spent many hours on the tennis court as a child and it shaped me to be the adult I am today. My most fervent wish is to give as many children as possible the opportunity to thrive and to become stalwarts of a strong Israeli society.”

 Allali has a strong and varied professional background serving in several important leadership and managerial roles, including vice president of international activities at Leumi Bank of Israel, CFO at Leumi Trust Company, and CFO at Carmel Agrexco. In these positions, he has managed all financial aspects of large, multinational corporations and has overseen the management of professional relationships with overseas offices and boards. This comprehensive experience has made Ilan well-suited to the role of transforming ITEC for a new generation and expanding its reach in North America.

 A certified public accountant, Allali received a master’s degree in accounting from Bar-Illan University and a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

  About Israel Tennis & Education Centers (ITEC) Israel Tennis & Education Centers (ITEC) empowers children and transforms lives by providing opportunities to support any Israeli child regardless of geography, religion, ethnicity, physical ability, or socioeconomic status. Since opening its first center in Ramat Hasharon in 1976, ITEC has helped over 500,000 children, many of whom live in underserved towns throughout Israel. ITEC currently serves nearly 7,000 children weekly throughout 24 Israeli communities, stretching from the Lebanese border in the North to Beer-Sheva. The ITEC Foundation, a 501(c)(3), is the fundraising organization for ITEC, with offices in New York City, Florida, and Toronto. For more information, visit