Birthright Israel Relocates to Hotels Hundreds of Israelis Affected by Missile Attacks in the South and North

In a heartwarming effort to assist people along the country’s southern coast suffering during Hamas’s war against Israel, Birthright Israel recently relocated more than 270 residents from the Ashkelon area bombarded by Hamas rockets to a Jerusalem hotel. The organization has also relocated 185 residents from northern Israel to a hotel in Tiberias due to Hezbollah’s launching of missiles from Lebanon. 

Birthright Israel has also arranged for them educational and recreational activities, developed by their education department through its deep experience of working with civilians during the Second Lebanon War (2006) and Operation Protective Edge in Gaza (2014). 

The relocations were made possible thanks to a limited emergency relief fund led by Judy and Michael Steinhardt and the generous support of Rita and Charles Bronfman, the Goldberg Nash Family Foundation, Len Abramson, and contributions for the Jewish Federations of North America’s emergency fund.   

“Birthright Israel stands hand in hand with the families of southern Israel,” said Gidi Mark, Birthright Israel CEO. “As the clouds of the initial shock October 7 at Hamas’s barbaric massacres dissipate, Birthright Israel is doing our part to assist and relieve the unbearable anguish of our brothers and sisters whose homes have been destroyed – people whose families have been torn apart and whose lives have been changed forever. We will continue to support Israelis in any way we can.” 

The fund Will provide relief services, welfare, equipment, food, and other necessities to the families affected by Hamas’s heinous terrorist attacks.  

Birthright Israel shares in the deep, national mourning of this unfathomable catastrophe, which saw Hamas invade Israel and murder 1,400+ Israelis. The steps the organization announces today are meant to help as many Israelis as possible from the southern and northern border communities. 

Birthright Israel, which provides ten-day experiences and internships to Israel for Diaspora young adults, has a special connection to the southern communities. Nearly every group spends meaningful time in Israel’s periphery. 

Photo courtesy of Birthright Israel, of residents from the Ashkelon area spending the weekend at the Ramada Hotel in Jerusalem.