3,000 Nahal Soldiers in Gaza Enjoy BBQ Dinner Provided by FIDF

An enormous gathering of IDF forces, fresh from their operations in the Gaza Strip, convened on April 25 for a barbecue dinner, hosted by Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) in collaboration with the Association for the Welfare of Israeli Soldiers (AWIS).

 The special dinner for 3,000 soldiers from the Nahal Brigade and other combat units took place at a designated area in southern Israel. The event featured a ceremony honoring the soldiers for their achievements in their missions, extending well wishes to those injured in battle, and commemorating the fallen soldiers who did not return.

Nahal had been active in the Netzarim corridor, a strategic route linking southern Israel to Gaza’s coast, including conducting raids and bringing humanitarian aid to Gazans. The Nahal soldiers had just withdrawn from Gaza to join the 162nd Division in preparation for the IDF’s expected offensive in the Gaza city of Rafah. The event occurred during the soldiers’ brief respite from the war.

The brigade’s commander, Colonel Yair Tzukerman, said at the dinner, “I am proud of you, fighters and commanders, for your spirit, professionalism, and dedication. Your bravery will be recorded in the pages of history. I am proud to see the brigade, with all its operational capabilities, standing at the forefront of the fighting in the Gaza Strip and leading to achievements.”

 Following Nahal’s redeployment, the 679th Yiftah Armored Brigade and the 2nd Carmeli Infantry Brigade will take over operations in central Gaza. The Nahal Brigade will begin training for the attack on Rafah — where Hamas’s remaining battalions are presumed to be — or for other operations.

 “The welfare of soldiers and their value beyond combat requires receiving the best support possible. Soldiers must be strong, healthy, and get the support they need. FIDF provides this support to soldiers on the front lines,” said Lieutenant Colonel Oz, Commander of Battalion 931. “As a battalion commander, I lead the fight, and with your support, we can become better soldiers. Everyone has an important mission to win the war, and we know that only unity will lead us to victory. Our strength lies in our unity.”

 FIDF is the single organization in the United States, designated by the IDF, that is authorized to raise funds for its soldiers, and FIDF acts according to the requirements of the IDF’s Manpower Directorate to respond to the most urgent requests. Funds raised at the event will go towards lifesaving medical supplies such as ambulances, plasma, medical devices, and field hospitals, as well as hygiene kits and aid for the thousands of bereaved families who are suffering the loss of a loved one. As the IDF’s official partner, FIDF is the fastest and most direct way to support IDF soldiers. So far, more than $73 million has been transferred to the IDF to meet their most urgent requests for its soldiers.

Photo credit: Ori Shemesh, courtesy of FIDF.