Empowering Seniors at Westchester Jewish Community Services (WJCS)

WJCS is dedicated to helping seniors age in place safely and with dignity. Seniors generally prefer living in their own homes, in their familiar surroundings. But as they age, seniors often experience health challenges that make shopping, driving to medical and dental appointments, and socializing difficult. Being involved in the community all becomes a struggle. The stresses of aging are exacerbated by feelings of loneliness. The death of a spouse or friends, the demands of being a caregiver, and the difficulty traveling to see friends can all create a sense of social isolation.

 “My husband and I are in our 80s and have lived in Yonkers for over 60 years. Our plan has always been to ‘age in place.’ This past year, I found myself living alone after my husband sustained an injury which has resulted in a long stay in a rehabilitation center. I have not felt safe driving for a number of years, and I found myself in need of transportation to be able to visit my husband. My daughter helped me connect with the WJCS Yonkers NNORC. Alexis and Mary of Yonkers NNORC were lovely, and ably assisted me in applying for Westchester Paratransit Services, so that I could access low-cost door-to-door transportation. Their help proved invaluable in securing the transportation services which enable me to maintain my independence and regularly visit with my husband. We’ve been married for 69 years. Spending as much time as we can together is so very important to us both.” ~ Member of our WJCS Yonkers NNORC Program 

Twenty percent of the population in Westchester is over age 60. Of those age 65 and older, 39% live alone. Growing older is not just physically challenging; it’s also emotionally challenging. Many seniors face health and mobility limitations. Those who enjoyed and are no longer working often lack a sense of purpose and vitality. Innovative program, services, and fitness, recreational, and educational activities help seniors maintain a sense of identity, self-esteem, and self-worth.

Emotional and practical support, both individual and in groups, helps caregivers who are often overwhelmed with stress and added responsibilities, navigate their challenges and feel less isolated and alone, emotional support, care management guidance, and resources play an important role in helping caregivers deliver the best care for their loved ones and themselves.

Your compassion makes sure seniors and their caregivers in Westchester can age in place for as long as possible safely and as part of the community.

WJCS provides a variety of programs & services for seniors as well as support for their caregivers. Learn more at www.wjcs.com.