Spiritual Memoir Weaves Profound Connections Between Author’s Past and Present Lives

 In Peter Mond’s fascinating new book, The Life of a Stone: Memoir of a Path Between Lives, Mond shows readers that there can be more to life than one life and that the connections between past and present lives offer a path toward wisdom, spirituality, and self-healing.

 “Seemingly random events, or ‘coincidences,’ give evidence of the Divine at work in our everyday lives,” Mond said. “They serve as ‘disturbances’ in life that challenge us to take a deeper look to glean wisdom for the soul’s journey.”

 In The Life of a Stone, Mond revisits and expands upon themes he shared in his first book, The Birth of a Stone. He relates the otherworldly vision in which he saw his life in three stages — the life of the body, the psyche, and the spirit. He explores the connections between the dilemmas he faced as a child growing up in Brighton, England; as an adult living in Tzfat, Israel; and as a Jewish teenager in Poland’s Warsaw Ghetto. Mond shares the story of his past life as “Shimi,” who was murdered by the Nazis for smuggling. Shimi’s words were inspired by a past life regression session under the guidance of Dr. Mark Cohen, resulting in a profound healing. Mond also includes his wife’s account of their visit to Treblinka’s death camp, which inspired him to share Holocaust stories in order to keep the memory of the dead alive.

“Events and experiences described in the books opened me up, and served as catalysts to a process of discovering why I am here in this world, which is the greatest mystery in life,” Mond said. “Each individual has a different path and destination, but we can share with each other what happened at different stops on our journey. We can tell our story and hear the other’s story; a story heard becomes our story.”

In The Life of a Stone, Mond’s quest to discover the deeper meaning of his “personal history” expands to embrace the collective history of the Jewish People. In his closing chapters, Mond contemplates the connection between the two most extreme events in Jewish history — Auschwitz and Mount Sinai. His message, for the next generation, is to listen deeply and to “stretch out a hand” for the wellbeing of another.

 “Spiritual life is above all about listening to messages that come to us from within everyday events, from within us and from beyond this world,” Mond said. “We need to understand these messages and endeavor to act upon them. Listen … understand … act.”

PETER SIMON MOND lives with his family in Tzfat, Israel. He holds an M.A. in Social Work from Tel Aviv University and studied with the late Dr. Mark Cohen, philosopher and Life Between Lives therapist. Mond formerly served as a Psychiatric Social Worker, Group Facilitator, and Social Work Lecturer. He and his wife, Pamela, are the founders and Co-Directors of the In the Quiet Space Center in Tzfat. Their company, CalmCoping Ltd., serves as a platform for providing children all over the world with the opportunity to learn the unique self-calming coping method developed at the Center. Mond and his wife have four children and 17 grandchildren. He is also the author of The Birth of a Stone: A Journey of Discovery (2011), the first book in “The Stone Trilogy” series. Today, his passion is to share Hasidic and Holocaust stories with others.

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