Governor Hochul Visits Leket Israel

On October 18, the Governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, paid a visit to Leket Israel, the country’s leading food rescue organization, in a demonstration of unwavering solidarity during these challenging times. The visit aimed to highlight the strong support and partnership that Leket Israel has provided to the people of Israel during the ongoing conflict.

During the visit, Governor Hochul toured Leket Israel’s facilities with Leket Israel’s Founder and Chairman, Joseph Gitler and Leket Israel’s CEO, Gidi Kroch, where she witnessed firsthand Leket’s dedicated efforts in rescuing surplus food and redistributing it to those in need. Leket Israel’s commitment to alleviating food insecurity in the region, particularly during times of crisis, has made a significant impact on the local communities. 

Leket has established a command center to address and assess all needs as they arise working with local nonprofits, municipalities, and initiatives that have been created to support those in need. Leket is currently focusing on three main projects, supporting the farming community with volunteers and monetary support, purchasing meals and dry goods to distribute to nonprofits in the south and families who have been displaced, and providing monetary support through rechargeable credit cards which will be given weekly for four months. Governor Hochul commended the organization for its exceptional contributions to the community. Their steadfast dedication to providing nourishment to the vulnerable during this period of heightened tension is a testament to their invaluable role in society.

The Governor’s visit emphasized the enduring ties between New York and Israel and served as a reminder of the global support network that stands with Israel during challenging times.

Governor Hochul: “Now that there are so many extra people to help from the south, they’ve become refugees, and homeless, and they don’t have a kitchen, they don’t have food, they don’t have any way to prepare their next meal for their families and you’re all making a profound difference here. Thank you for giving your time and your love. New York is here to share that experience with you. We stand in solidarity with Israel, you’re doing your part to fight the battle here, by taking care of people who need food.”

Joseph Gitler: “I thank Governor Hochul for her steadfast support for Israel and her commitment to ensuring food security for thousands of Israelis in need. Unfortunately, the need will only continue to grow as the situation evolves. It is our obligation to leverage our years of experience in the field, our logistical knowledge, and our resources to aid as many people as we can. Countless people across the nation have suffered the loss of their loved ones, homes, and their sense of safety, and Leket Israel is committed to guaranteeing that no one will experience hunger during this critical time.”